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Sunday, 9 March 2014

White Cat sleeping hd Wallpapers

About Cat Sleeping

A kitten brings a wealth of enjoyment and companionship to a home. When they first arrive home your kitten will probably feel a little apprehensive and will be missing the companionship of his/her mother and littermates. To make this transition stress-free, allow him/her to explore their new surroundings without too much interference or noise. Children should be reminded that the new kitten needs lots of love and also rest therefore should not be overhandled. Any other family pets should be introduced to the new arrival slowly and under close supervision.

Sleeping Quarters

It is a good idea to section off a part of your house or make up a bed for your kitten in the laundry. He/she will be used to cuddling up to their brothers and sisters so may cry when put to bed for the first couple of nights.

Provide a bed, basket or box to curl-up in. Kittens love warmth so make sure the new bed is cosy and inviting. You can also place a hot water bottle in with him/her but care should be taken to ensure it is not too hot.

You may decide that you want your kitten to sleep in your bedroom with you. This is fine once it is older, but your kitten may find it difficult to find its way around the new house at night and can injure itself falling off the bed in the dark. It is best to start your kitten sleeping in a safe secure place until it is old enough to stay out of harms way.

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