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Monday, 17 March 2014

Angry Tiger HD Wallpapers

About Angry Tigers

At some point, every tiger has to earn its stripes...
And when another bloke tries to muscle in on quality time with your girlfriend, that’s the time to act.
So one alpha male squared up to another at the Siberian tiger park in Mudanjiang, China.
After a right hook from a paw, a grab of the throat and quite a bit of snarling, the angry tiger managed to stop his love rival in its tracks.

And as the victor returned to canoodling, the loser made a hasty retreat.
Sounds like a case of grouching tiger...
Nonscientific studies have shown that 92.1% of all people are completely unprepared for an angry tiger incident. For that reason, we created AngryTiger.

*** Do Not Taunt the Angry Tiger ***

The best thing you can do when confronted with an angry tiger is slowly walk away (or, in some cases, bow and crawl backwards away slowly, acknowledging its supremacy). This application is designed to simulate the effects of what happens when you do NOT do this. Touching and moving an angry tiger is a bad idea! If you don't believe us, try the app and see for yourself what can happen. 

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