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Monday, 17 March 2014

Angry Black panther hd wallpapers

 About Angry Black panther

An Animal Whisperer Transforms the Life of a Beautiful but Angry Black Panther 
I admit, I get teary eyed over things like this. I love animals, and this one has a presence that is truly amazing. If you like animals and you haven't seen this video, it's definitely one to watch. A magnificent black panther, who now goes by the name of Spirit, was brought to an animal sanctuary after a lifetime of abuse. As expected, he was angry and hateful toward humans.

What happens next is almost magical. A man who wants to help Spirit is unable to break through to him. In fact, he was even bitten and landed in the hospital for a time. But a woman who claims to be able to communicate with animals somehow calms him and helps change his life and the man who wants to give him a better one.

No matter what you believe, you must admit, Spirit is a magnificent animal and it's got to make you wonder what's really behind those stunning eyes. 

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