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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Beautiful Baby Rabbits Wallpapers

All About Rabbits

How long are rabbits pregnant for?

The gestation period for a rabbit is 28-31 days

weaning baby rabbits

How do rabbits make their nests?

Most rabbit mothers will make a lovely cozy nest for their kits. First they gather hay or straw, collecting huge mouthfuls of material. Many rabbit breeders refer to this as “making bones” as the rabbit looks just like a dog with a huge bone in its mouth. Once a nest of hay has been made, the rabbit will pull out large mouthfuls of her own fur to line the nest ready for her babies.

rabbit babies in nest

How many times a day do rabbits feed their babies?

Rabbit mothers only feed their babies once or twice a day

How long do baby rabbits need milk for?

For the first three weeks of their lives, the babies will only drink milk. At around three weeks old, they will naturally begin to nibble at the mother’s food and hay, although they still need milk at this stage.

How is rabbit milk different to other milks?

Rabbit milk is three times more nutritious than cow’s milk. Rabbit milk is 15% protein, 10% fat, 2% sugar, 3% mineral and the remainder is water.

At what age should a rabbit be weaned?

Baby rabbits should stay with their mothers until they are 6 – 8 weeks old

baby rabbit opening its eyes

When does a baby rabbit open its eyes?

A baby rabbit is born with its eyes firmly closed. At about 1 week to 10 days old, they start to open their eyes.

rabbit babies with half-open eyes

When do rabbit babies leave the nest?

Around the time their eyes open, the babies start venturing out of the nest. At this stage they are crawling rather than walking, and they stay close to the walls of the hutch for security. However they soon become stronger and begin trying out little hops and skips, and by about three weeks they are confidently hopping around the hutch

rabbit baby

Baby rabbit

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